Photo: slow creations

Photo: slow creations
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måndag 29 augusti 2011

slow creations goes English...or Swe-nglish

Neck piece (knitting, crochet) from late spring 2011. Linen, buttons from an old loved 60s cardigan from my mother

Yes, my intention is that my blog from now on will be in English (eh...Swe-nglish, I am Swedish). I took this, for me, big decision after having realized that, after all, Swedish is not the biggest language on earth...and as a tribute to my English-speaking readers. I have found that I seem to have some of them/you.

Wrist piece (crochet), summer 2011. Organic cotton, linen and buttons from my grand mother´s old button box

Anyway, some future posts may continue to be in Swedish, if I feel that it is needed. I have the ambition to gradually translate parts of old posts or at least old tags. I hope that my readers will have some patience with me... And any ideas or comments on how to translate certain words are highly appreciated as is, of course, any feed-back!

I will most probably continue to do "slow blogging", e.g. post when I have the time and wish to do so. Ideas are many, time is scarce. Besides working with textile design (much of it eco/organic yarns and fabrics) my time is devoted to taking pictures (and... working, etc...)

From my "Skies" project

My last words today is that some of you may have seen that my favourite yarn shop and creative place Ateljé Huskroken of course also has info in English.

Neck piece (knitted). Organic wool from Ateljé Huskroken, Gotland.
T-shirt by Camilla Norrback, bought at DEM collective, Gothenburg

See you in Autumn! I long for the darkness that is approaching up here in the North...

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