Photo: slow creations

Photo: slow creations
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torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Inspiration and fascination...

Tata Christiane Couture. Check out his hairdo, too... 

Intriguing fashion/art and fiber projects like the label Tata Christiane Couture by Julie Bourgeois and Hanrigabriel (Berlin) caught my attention in a new post at Wearable Art Blog. This blog usally features nice stuff, some of it is organic/sustainably made or re-using materials.

The label often features crochet and patchwork like in this one:

Tata Christiane Couture: leather patchwork and crochet
 For me, this seems to be a new turn on the age-old crochet technique, a funny and exciting design that surprise us in its material combinations and colours. The designers work with serial and unique pieces, costume design and cooperations in art performances, film, photography and music. Not very surprisingly, they showed in Tokyo this recent summer.

The label says it is "a vision of the street costume, it proposes an absurd and disturbing vision of beauty, with decline, maladjustment, extravagance and immoderation. It plays with the borders of elegance and bad taste, digging up our old memories, recycling the waste of our civilisation, and becoming a monomania, a machination and a monstruous and sublime unique piece." Wow!
Ambiguity is the word.

Abigail Doan´s work-in-progress

Colours! Nice in autumn and always. Not so wearable, but always fascinating and very creative recent work by Abigail Doan features work-in-progress for Vogue in a post in one of her blogs. Also, often check her very active blog ecco*eco!

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