Photo: slow creations

Photo: slow creations
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onsdag 28 december 2011

Painters: Twombly, Monet, Turner at Moderna museet

Cy Twombly at Moderna museet, Stockholm (detail)
Today I re-visited one of my favourite art exhibitions, Turner, Monet, Twombly. Later paintings at Moderna museet, Stockholm, Sweden, featuring Cy Twombly, Claude Monet and J. M. W. Turner. First, I must say that the photos are by me with one exception and not to be regarded as anything else than my own interpretations of the fantastic art works, which I of course cannot capture. So I decided to do my own modification of the images.

I was certainly not alone there, it was rather crowded...

But somehow a kind of peaceful as well as powerful atmosphere could be find amidst the many visitors. The paintings are so visually strong and, also, sometimes very subtle. 

Cy Twombly at Moderna museet, Stockholm (detail)

Image by slow creations

As long as I can remember, I have liked Claude Monet, especially his more dissolved motifs of for example hay-stacks and cathedrals. As the exhibition shows later works, some were really intriguing.

Claude Monet at Moderna museet, Stockholm (detail)
I find the paintings by especially Monet and Twombly to be very sensual (but not in the usual tiresome sexual meniang, of course). This is really Painting in its own right, creating a new universe to become absorbed in. Something in it makes me think of surfaces, textiles, weaving and yarn. Well, I do often think of that... I admit, but this is really in the word´s right sense inspiring. 


No pictures can show the light shining through Monet´s work...

Claude Monet at Moderna museet, Stockholm (detail)
Sunset by slow creations

My street by slow creations

Cy Twombly at Moderna museet, Stockholm (detail)
Moderna museet has a very good and famous children´s and youngsters place called Verkstan. It is wonderful and awesome to experience how young persons are treated with so much respect and that enough time and space is given to create for them.

From Verkstan at Moderna museet by slow creations

As is probably obvious, Twombly is the one that caught my eye most. I was not actually well aquainted with his work before this exhibition so I am very grateful for this.

Cy Twombly at Moderna museet, Stockholm (detail)

Shawl by slow creations (woven)
The exhibition Turner, Monet, Twombly. Later paintings (until January 15, 2011) is created/curated by Moderna museet (Jeremy Lewison, assistant curator: Jo Widoff) and will travel to Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and Tate Liverpool in late winter/early spring. A must-see. To be recommended!
From the interior of the exhibition
Cy Twombly
Untitled, 1987
© Cy Twombly

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